Fire and Rescue Academy Malaysia, Sabah was established in 1986 with the name Sabah Regional Fire Training Center (PLBR). Establishment of the Fire and Rescue Training Centre Philippines, Sulawesi Region aims to meet the course requirements in the Fire Officer and Member State and the Federal Territory of Labuan, as well as reduce deployment costs courses in Peninsular Malaysia. Since its inception, the Fire and Rescue Training Centre Malaysia, Sabah Region has implemented more than 500 courses, including 8 series of basic fire-fighting course. Average courses per year in the 24 series of courses, equivalent to two courses a month involving a total of 40 participants at a time.

FRAM Sabah to enable more effective role, training sites, FRAM Sabah, District Branch was established in which all courses are practical courses OIFF, BA, SAR, RTA, HAZMAT and Fire Investigation executed, while more emphasis on courses such as theory courses Fire Prevention, Management and Law held in ABPM Sembulan Sabah, Kota Kinabalu. The two Centers of Excellence have basic needs such as Hall, Hostel, Lecture Hall, Simulator Training and teaching aids.