Fire and Rescue Academy Malaysia, Endowments Lounge provides comfortable accommodation to course participants who stayed in the hostel provided. There are four hostels are equipped with amenities including a TV room, meeting rooms, discussion rooms, fitness room, laundry, pantry room and house warden.

a) Room Accomodations Facilities

No. Hostel Room Category Total Occupant
Normal Aircondition Normal Aircondition
1 1 32 48 64 96
2 2 72 8 144 16
3 3 72 8 144 16
4 4 72 8 144 16
TOTAL 248 72 496 144
TOTAL 320 640

b) Dining Hall

Can accommodate 1000 people in a occasion

c) Surau

Can accommodate 1000 people in a congregation

d) Meeting Room

e) Lecture Room

f) Banquet Room

g) Gymnasium Room

h) TV Room

i) Sports Facilities

  • Volley Ball Court
  • Sepak Takraw Court
  • Soccer Field
  • Tennis Court
  • Bicycle Facilities
  • Permanent Physical Training Facilities
  • Jogging Path
Gelanggang Bola Tampar
Gelanggang Sepak Takraw
Padang Bola
Gelanggang Tenis
Kemudahan Basikal
Kemudahan Latihan Jasmani Tetap
Laluan Jogin

k) Washing Machine and Dry Machine Facilities

l) Cafeteria

m) Club Shop

Other facilities available at the Fire and Rescue Academy to comfort participants organized by the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department are as follows: -

Hostel 1 (Perhentian)   Hostel 2 (Rendang)
Hostel 3 (Kapas)   Hostel 4 (Tenggol)
Entrance   Lobby
Lobby   Meeting Room 1
Dining Room 1   Discussion Room 1
Kiosk Facilities 1   Hostel Karaoke Lounge 1
Kiosk PESKKAB 1   PA System Powerful Solar
Tower Lighting   Sepak Takraw Courts Hostel 2
Volley Ball Courts   Bicycle Facilities
Normal Accomodation Room   Normal Accomodation Room
Trainee Accomodation Room   Trainee Accomodation Room
Dining Hall   Dining Hall
Surau   Surau
FRAM Cafe'