The goal is to support the Logistics Branch of the Academy's vision and mission by providing training services fire towards the International class. Therefore Logistics Branch in producing a quality product, then the achievement of the vision and mission will be achieved.

Logistics Branch Fire and Rescue Academy Malaysia Sabah, the newly created due to changes in line with the name change, formerly known as the Fire and Rescue Training Centre Malaysia Region Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. With the Logistics Branch is expected to assist the Academy in coordinating the administration of the programs implemented.

  • Record, keep and maintain all assets in the department FRAM Sabah to maintain all equipment in good condition.
  • Scheduled planning incurred in Sabah FRAM equipment maintenance.
  • Branch also provide assistance in training equipment needs.
  • Branch also help to prepare the course before, during and after a course undertaken.
  • Responsible for planning and implementing practice marching, physical training and drill operations for courses at the academy.