Fire Safety Course

  • Fire Prevention Course in Building
  • Fire Prevention Course (Basic)
  • Fire Prevention Course (Secondary)
  • Course Design and Installation of Fire Systems
  • Licensing Course
  • Fire Safety Course (Public)
  • Fire Certificate Course
  • Fire Hazard Elimination Course
  • Wet Shower System Installation Workshop

In general, research centers, which are divided into three main parts;

1. Division of Management
2. Division Staff Course
3. Programs Division Public / Private (External)


Division of Personnel Management (Internal) divided into two units:

1. UBBL Course Unit / Research Plan
2. Course Licensing Unit
3. Unit Fire Prevention Course


While the program Public / Private (External) divided into two units:

1. Course Unit Factory / Industrial
2. Basic Fire Safety Unit (Public / Private)




  • Responsible for planning and implementing programs and training courses to Fire Officer efficiently and effectively.
  • Responsibility to produce fire officers who have the skills and knowledge related to prevention and fire safety.
  • Plan provides modules and learning materials related to prevention and fire safety.
  • Responsible for communicating the procedures or regulatory updates to fire officials related aspects of prevention and fire safety.

  • To produce an efficient Fire Officer, knowledgeable, disciplined and work towards creating a fire and rescue organization more professional as the core excellence of the Department.
  • Strive for excellence and develop a center of excellence where staff have a wide range of skills and knowledge (Multi Skill) through the use of high-tech information technology.

Fire Safety Education Center Fire and Rescue Academy Malaysia Sabah, newly created due to recent changes in line with the change of name, formerly known as the Fire and Rescue Training Centre Sabah. With the establishment of the School of Fire Safety is expected to assist fire officers in performing their duties and responsibilities efficiently and professionally in line with the mission and vision of the Department.