Help improve the quality of human capital is competent and integrity in the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department to achieve the objectives, mission and vision of the Fire and Rescue Academy Malaysia in particular and raise achievement and excellence in the area of the fire department that is world class.


Practical Branch Fire is one of the branches established in Malaysia Fire and Rescue Academy, Endowments Lounge, Marang, Terengganu to assist in the implementation and operation aspects of the subject of theoretical and practical courses so that the activities can be carried out smoothly.

Practical Branch Fire goal is to support in order to achieve the mission and vision of the Academy by providing world-class service fire training. Thus this branch contributes in producing quality products that achievement of the mission and vision of the Department can be implemented.

To achieve these goals, this branch is responsible for implementing programs of courses and activities organized by the Department. The Branch is also responsible for providing support services manager and need help handling equipment required training and handling skills all simulators at the Academy.

Branch manager assistance from Practical needed to help prepare before, during and after training. Requirements, equipment and operation of the simulator is an important element for the success of the courses conducted. To ensure that the equipment, appliances and fire simulator in good condition and safe to use, Practical Branch officials also directly involved with the maintenance, inspection and storage of equipment and ensure it is implemented according to schedule.

The program manager for the development and enhancement of human capital to produce competent jyang also conducted to ensure that the services provided are the best. Development and research equipment needs also done to ensure that all equipment provided is up to date and stay abreast of current technology in the field of fire. Thus the performance of the services provided by these branches will be maintained and upgraded from time to time.


  • To provide knowledge and skills related to fire science through hands-on training to all officers conducted courses at the academy.
  • To provide training on latest fire and according to National Development.
  • To produce a fire officer who is knowledgeable and responsible when operating the fire in the station.
  • The Fire and Rescue Academy Malaysia , Wakaf Tapai , a center of excellence in fire science operations.


  • Responsible for identifying the equipment and the latest simulator and according to National Development.
  • Responsible for conducting and managing fire in the course of practical training organized by the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Academy, Wakaf Tapai.
  • Responsible help examine every plant and equipment simulators before the course.
  • Responsible for performing physical fitness training ( physical training in the morning and evening ) and marching for each course conducted by the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Academy, Wakaf Tapai.