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Quality Policy

Quality base

  • The Academy is committed to providing holistic and effective fire training through ongoing and planned training to achieve customer satisfaction and confidence.
  • The Academy is committed to defining management aspects in complying with the requirements of the quality management system and improving the quality management system continuously.
  • The Academy is committed to providing basic workforce to create and review all quality objectives.
  • The Academy is committed to determining the quality policy is disseminated and understood by all members of the organization and reviewed to ensure its suitability continues.


  • Create a world-class fire fighting and rescue organization.
  • Creating bench-marking excellence through innovation, quality and MS ISO 9001-2008
  • Achieving the excellence and excellence of its staff through various skills and knowledge through various skills and knowledge through the use of information technology and high technology
  • Forming a more dynamic, transparent, superior, brilliant, professional and professional corporate culture and the pursuit of noble values
  • Obtain recognition of talent / skills and "invest" for employees through continuous human development and training.


There are 6 ethics that apply in the Academy in line with the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia namely:

  1. Serving for the country because of Allah.
  2. Always serve the benefit of society.
  3. Taught and Faithful, Blocked and Patient.
  4. Work with dedication, efficient and disciplined.
  5. Ready to be ready at all times.
  6. Seerat Serasa Sehati Sejiwa.