The RokSprocket Module needs the RokSprocket Component enabled.

  • Strive to provide training assistance for the implementation of training programs, and activities generally and the Academy of Fire and Rescue Department, Malaysia in particular.
  • Strive to provide and maintain machinery, equipment, and training facilities for courses and activities carried out.
  • Ensure beautification and cleanliness, as well as the internal and external environment of the Academy.

The Malaysian Fire and Rescue Academy's Logistics Branch Kuala Kubu Bharu, newly created due to recent changes in line with the change of name formerly known as Malaysian Fire and Rescue Training Center Kuala Kubu Bharu. With the existence of the Logistics Branch it is expected to assist the administration of the Academy in coordinating the programs implemented.

  • Responsible for providing training assistance to program implementation at the Academy.
  • Responsible for planning maintenance of machinery, equipment and training facilities.
  • Responsible for monitoring the implementation of cleaning and cheerful work in the academy environment.
  • Responsible for maintaining and improving the level of discipline of officers at this branch is always adhered to and enhanced.