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There are several courses organized by the Center for Eradication Studies. The courses are as follows:

  • Compartment Fire Behavior Training (Grade KB 29)
  • Compartment Fire Behavior Training (Grade KB 41)
  • Extinguishing Techniques
  • Respiratory Respirator
  • Incident Commander Level 2

  • Responsible for planning and implementing training programs and training to Fire Officer efficiently and effectively.
  • Produce a knowledgeable and knowledgeable Fire Officer regarding Fire Operation.
  • Reviewing and providing Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) as well as Departmental regulations relating to Fire Operation and Rescue.
  • Assisting the Department to apply high discipline values ​​to Fire Officer when they carry out their duties and responsibilities as well as efficient and disciplined.
  • Design and coordinate all courses related to Fire Fighting Studies.
  • Ensure the implementation of the Fire Fighting Operations course can be carried out efficiently and effectively.
  • Drawing, planning and reviewing modules and learning notes related to the courses conducted.
  • Review and ensure appropriate equipment and equipment are used for courses under Fire-Fighting Studies.
  • Plan things related to course expenses, training and infrastructure.
  • Provide, ascertain, review and review all appropriate courses relating to Fire Extinguisher Studies.
  • Review and review the credibility of all training officers to ensure the smooth implementation of the courses.
  • Ensure that the expenditure for each purchase of equipment and simulations related to the Course for Fire-Fighting will coincide with the specification set.

Produce Fire Officer Professional, efficient, knowledgeable, disciplined and always work towards creating a fire and rescue organizations 'world class' as the core excellence of the Department. Deletion Studies Department are constantly developing excellence by equipping officers with attitude (attitude), skills (skills) and knowledge (knowledge) that excel in providing programs fighting through constant training and planned with the goal of producing the integrity and competence of personnel the responsibility of performing the duties appropriate to the rank and position through effective use of resources and technology.

Fire Extinguisher Studies, Fire and Rescue Academy Malaysia, Kuala Kubu Bharu, formerly known as the School of Operations, is one of the courses established to strengthen the implementation of courses towards Achieving the goals of the Academy, especially in the Fire Extinguisher. In order to realize the Department's objectives, Fire-Rescue Studies is ready and responsible in delivering Fire and Rescue Services information. This can fulfill the Department's aspiration in carrying out its duties and responsibilities effectively and professionally in line with the Mission and Vision of the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia.