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The main function of the Fire Investigation Studies is as an agent of change in instilling positive attitude and knowledge development to Department staff in the field of legislation and enforcement in line with the requirement of the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia

  • Providing awareness and enhancing understanding to Department staff on the legislation of the Fire Act 341.
  • Providing knowledge and understanding in carrying out the tasks of law enforcement fire.
  • Providing knowledge and guidance to department staff on methods and procedures in carrying out tasks as fire investigators

Legal education programs in Legal Studies (PPUN) focus on roles and responsibilities of legal authority aspects through the Fire Services Act 1988 (Act 341) Specifically and other relevant laws generally. To achieve this focus, the implementation of the course is the most important approach for the purpose of adding and improving the control of Fire Officers in terms of knowledge and skills. The control over the interpretation of the provisions of each section and the rule is the basis of the enforcement of the deed.