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There are nine courses organized by the School of Management. The courses are as follows:

  • Course Management Course
  • Ethics and Protocol Courses
  • Financial Management and Assets Course
  • Basic Access Course
  • Secondary Access Course
  • Strategic Management Course
  • Website Handling Course
  • Quotation and Tendering Management Course
  • Effective Writing Course

The main function of Management Studies Fire is performing fire management modules covering the management and administration of the organization, quality systems management, motivation and personal development with the goal of producing Fire officials knowledgeable, skilled, competent, integrity, professional line with the mission and vision of the Department.

  • Responsible for organizing training and fire management training in improving the knowledge and skills of its Fire Officer in the field of fire, communications and information management.
  • Responsible for managing the Special Forces of the Academy-level department by planning remedial training and training exercises.
  • Responsible for managing development programs at the Academy include the Integrity Talk and Class of Knowledge and Skills Development Officer.
  • Responsible for the Secretariat of the MS ISO 9001: 2008 Academy degree.

Fire Management Studies is one study that established the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Academy, Endowments Lounge, Kuala Kubu Bharu are responsible for organizing and implementing courses at the Academy.

Fire Management Studies was founded to provide training for fire management to fire officials in an effort to produce officers who are competent, professional and quality. In addition, Fire Management Studies departments strive to improve service quality and excellence through training, seminars and workshops.