Background Academy


Fire and Rescue Academy Malaysia Wakaf Tapai has an area of 144 hectares and was built in 2000. Construction groundbreaking ceremony was officiated by the Minister of Housing and Local Government YB Dato Dr. Ting Chew Peh in 1999. On October 7, 2002, the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Academy Endowments Lounge began operations and is headed by the Chief Fire Training Assistant Superintendent Mohd Kharu bin Sulaiman. A total of 36 personnel were stationed at the academy which includes various ranks. The staff is housed administratively Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department and the State Fire and Rescue Academy Malaysia Kuala Kubu Bahru. On October 15, 2002, a total of 236 trainees from Grades KB 11 report for the Basic Course Fire Science.

In 2002, the Administrative Organisation at the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Academy Endowments Lounge, Chief Training Officer, Chief Administrator Training, Academy Head, School Operations, School of Management, School of Law, School of Engineering, School of Fire Safety, Training Support Unit, Data & ICT Unit and Unit Dormitory. In February 2003, Superintendent of Fire Hj. Tarmidzi Khalil bin Ahmad was appointed as Assistant Superintendent of Fire Training replace Kharu bin Sulaiman Mohd. Previously he was with the Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia Terengganu. In 2003, the staff of the Fire and Rescue Academy Malaysia Endowments Lounge is 73 and a total of 311 trainees from Grades KB 11 has reported to follow the Basic Fire Science. This year, there are other courses organized by the Strengthening Course and Course Drill Retirement Transition of about 125 people.

In June 2004, the Assistant Fire Commissioner Nordin bin Pauzi who previously worked in the Fire and Rescue Headquarters Malaysia Putrajaya was appointed as Commandant of the Fire and Rescue Academy Malaysia Endowments Lounge. At this time, the academy is 84 persons and 14 persons of common positions have been created. On 16 September 2004, Mr. Mohd Zain bin Shamsuddin was appointed Head of Management Services. On May 1, 2005, the academy staff was 139 and the school has changed its name as a center of learning. In 2005, a simulator for training has been constructed as to enhance the skills of firefighters in extinguishing and rescue work. On 15 April 2008, the Senior Superintendent of Fire I Norazam bin Khamis was appointed Commandant Fire and Rescue Academy Malaysia Endowments Lounge. During the current situation is a total academic staff of 144 people.

In reaching toward excellence, management academy has managed to get recognition from SIRIM for Quality Management System MS ISO 9001:2008 on October 19, 2008.