Affairs Unit (HEP) is a new unit created in the Fire and Rescue Academy Malaysia (FRAM), Endowments Lounge. Before this unit is on the part of management. The task of this unit is to manage all the mandatory courses, while private and implemented in FRAM, Endowments Lounge. Meantime, this unit is responsible for managing public courses, private, and semina bangkel held at the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Academy, Endowments Lounge. The process begins with the task of accepting nomination letters beg for a course will be made within a certain period through to issue certificates to the course participants. As the department has implemented all work in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, the work performed systematically.

The unit is headed by an officer of KB 32, assisted by an officer KBB 22 and 5 KB 17. In line with the expansion and restructuring of the department, recommended Affairs made a separate unit as the other units in the FRAM. This is consistent with recent developments in the FRAM in handling such courses mandatory courses such as Basic Fire Science and Fire Science Diploma, while in service courses, private courses and courses to Ad-hoc.