The ability to create, distribute and use knowledge and information is an important factor that led to the growth, development and improvement of service quality. Recognizing that ICT is a key driver to achieve this objective, the Academy also focuses on the use of ICT in all areas of management, education and training in line with changes in technology. National IT Agenda aimed at making the country as an information society in line with the objectives of Vision 2020, focusing on human development and increased cooperation between the public and private sectors. Thus the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Academy Endowments Lounge has established ICT Unit on May 1, 2005, to further strengthen the implementation of programs and courses at the Academy.
Primary role of this unit is to provide support and technical assistance in the implementation and application of ICT in courses and programs Academy as the main audio-visual documentation, filming, printing educational materials, magazine publishing, desktop pubishing, providing certificates of courses organized by the Academy and the provision of aids teaching aids like laptops, LCD and PA system.