To achieve the mission and vision of the Fire and Rescue Academy, Malaysia, Endowments Lounge, Dormitory Management Unit has formulated and implemented to achieve its goal of providing accommodation facilities and other facilities under the operating environment and safe, create activities that promote personal development for achieve superior personality with m Providing a healthy social space among participants and meet the course requirements and training with physical training infrastructure through the provision of sports and leisure facilities.

Hostel Management Unit is one of the important units created in the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Academy, Endowments Lounge. FRAM. Hostel Management Unit is responsible for managing and providing accommodations for participants attending courses at Fire and Rescue Academy Malaysia Endowments Lounge. To realize the Academy to create a 5-star accommodation, the hostel was equipped with infrastructure that is hoped to provide high comfort to its occupants. To achieve the desired goal, various methods have been performed including the development of work processes so that the output sound more robust and neat. In addition to providing a comfortable, air-conditioned accommodation, other facilities are available for residents enjoyed sports and leisure facilities, including facilities, tv and dry as well as the provision of food to suit the taste and appetite residents.