Compartment Fire Behavior Training Course


  • CFBT course is designed as a guide in conducting courses for fire officers in the performance of control and firefighting. Content in this course module is to meet the needs and objectives of effective erasure.
  • The Department takes a serious view of this matter as firefighting techniques in the building to be ' explained ' it carefully so that it does not happen devastation of technique and improper use of water. It must be organized and arranged according to the proper procedures in order to achieve the vision and mission of Towards A fire and rescue organization is World Class.



  • Provide guidelines in conducting CfBT .
  • References in firefighting action properly and effectively.



Some objebtif been planned to achieve the required targets in providing knowledge and understanding of the need to learn the course CfBT : -

  • Knowing and understanding the methods of fighting fires in buildings ( CfBT ) more effectively.
  • Knowing how the process of development of a fire.
  • Knowing the hazards and risks in operations involving fires in buildings.
  • Knowing the cause and action to reduce water consumption in order to avoid 'water damage' during firefighting operations.
  • Increase self-confidence and skills as well as safety aspects while fighting a fire in the building.


Duration of Course

  • This course will run for 2 weeks in FRAM, Wakaf Tapai.