Fire and Rescue Academy MalaysiaWakaf Tapai simulator for the purpose of providing specific training to participants of the course in improving knowledge and skills of the Fire with diversity training fire.

No. Simulator Total
1 Breathing Apparatus Training Gallery (BATG) 3 Unit
2 Advance Training System (ATS) 1 Unit
3 Offensive Indoor Fire Fighting (OIFF) - konvensional 2 Unit
4 Offensive Indoor Fire Fighting (OIFF) – gas type 3 Unit
5 Oil Spill 1 Unit
6 Collapse Structure 1 Unit
7 Smoke House 1 Unit
8 Well Fire 1 Unit
9 Sewer 2 Unit
10 Sistem Pencegahan Keselamatan Kebakaran 1 Unit
11 Wall Climbing 1 Unit
12 Obstacle Course 1 Unit
13 Rumah Penyiasatan Kebakaran 1 Unit
14 HoseTower 4 Unit


Fire and Rescue Academy Malaysia, Wakaf Tapai provides comfortable accommodation to course participants who stayed in the hostel provided. Available 4 dormitory rooms which are equipped with TV, meeting rooms, discussion rooms, fitness room, laundry, house wardens room and pantry.

a) Accommodation Facilities

No. Hostel Room Category Number of Residents
Common Aircond Common Aircond
1 1 32 48 64 96
2 2 72 8 144 16
3 3 72 8 144 16
4 4 72 8 144 16
TOTAL 248 72 496 144
TOTAL 320 640

b) Dining Hall

Can accommodate 1000 people for an event

c) Prayer

Can accommodate 1000 people or congregation

d) Meeting Room

e) Class Room

f) Banquet Room

g) Room Gymnasium

h) TV room

i) Sports Facilities

  •  Volleyball 
  • Sepak Takraw
  • Soccer Field
  • Tennis Court
  • Bicycle facilities
  • Permanent Physical Training Facility
  • Jogging Trail

k) Washing Machines and Dryers Machine

l) Cafeteria

m) Club Shop

Other facilities available in the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Academy organized for the convenience of participants Malaysia Fire and Rescue Department are as below: -

Dormitory 1 (Perhentian)   Dormitory 2 (Rendang)
Dormitory 3 (Kapas)   Dormitory 4 (Tenggol)
Dormitory Registration Counter 1   Lounge
Route Lobby    Boarding Meeting Room  1
Dining Room Dormitory 1   Boarding Briefing Room 1
Boarding Facilities Computer Kiosk 1    Hostels Karaoke Room 1
Kiosk PESKKAB Hostel 1    PA System Powerful Solar
 Tower Lighting    Sepak Takraw Courts Hoste 2
Volleyball   Bicycle Facilities
Common Room Accommodation   Common Room Accommodation
Room Accommodation Intern   Room Accommodation Intern
Dining Hall   Dining Hall
Prayer   Prayer
 FRAM Cafe    

  • Can accommodate about 1000 people at a time.
  • Among the activities that have always held the prayer, the reading of Yasin on every Friday night, the talk of religion and religious occasions.

Fire and Rescue Academy MalaysiaWakaf Tapai provides sports and recreational facilities for sports and recreationfor course participants and staff of the Academy.

Facility Court
Football Field 2
Rugby field 1
Sepak Takraw 4
Volleyball 2
Tennis 3
Ping Pong 4
Netball 1
Snooker / Billiards 2





Ping Pong




Sepak Takraw

There are two computer laboratories in FRAM Wakaf TapaiComputer laboratory is aimed at providing learning andthe acquisition of the information needed by coaches and officials as well as course participants.

There are 2 sewerThe aim is to self-confidence of the participants in the face of small, dark space.


There are 3 BA Gallery in FRAMIt aims to increase the level of confidence a person overcome the dark and narrow.


Training for staffrecruit participants and to improve mental and physical alertness.

Training for high risk to the fighting of the building.


There is an oil spill in the FRAM simulatorIncrease knowledge and skills in handling fire.


This course aims to enhance the knowledge, skills, confidence and understanding of the operation andimplementation of the operations of firefighting operations in buildings.


This simulator is a guide to course participants in conducting fire investigations.


It is designed for members to specialize in detecting the position of the victim.


Training for staffrecruit participants and to enhance self-confidence and prepare for their training courses related.