There are two computer laboratories in FRAM Wakaf TapaiComputer laboratory is aimed at providing learning andthe acquisition of the information needed by coaches and officials as well as course participants.

There are 2 sewerThe aim is to self-confidence of the participants in the face of small, dark space.


There are 3 BA Gallery in FRAMIt aims to increase the level of confidence a person overcome the dark and narrow.


Training for staffrecruit participants and to improve mental and physical alertness.

Training for high risk to the fighting of the building.


There is an oil spill in the FRAM simulatorIncrease knowledge and skills in handling fire.


This course aims to enhance the knowledge, skills, confidence and understanding of the operation andimplementation of the operations of firefighting operations in buildings.


This simulator is a guide to course participants in conducting fire investigations.


It is designed for members to specialize in detecting the position of the victim.


Training for staffrecruit participants and to enhance self-confidence and prepare for their training courses related.