Logistics Branch is one of the branches established in Malaysia Fire and Rescue Academy, Endowments Lounge, Marang, Terengganu to launch the activities of the Academy. The goal of this branch is to support the implementation of the course in order to achieve the mission and vision of the Academy, which is to provide world-class fire training. Thus this branch to contribute in the production of quality products to achieve the mission and vision of the Department will be achieved.

In addition to assisting in the implementation of programs of courses and activities conducted by the Department, this branch helps in terms of providing the following services: -

  •  To provide human resource services
  •  Responsible for providing the necessary machinery and equipment training
  •  Planning, designing and overseeing the implementation of the Recovery Maintenance (Corrective Maintenance) for asset and inventory departments

Program development and enhancement coach and producing talent has undertaken to ensure that the services provided are the best. Development and research needs of the machinery, equipment training is also carried out to ensure that it is safe to use and always in top condition. Performance of the services provided by this branch being improved in order to achieve quality over time.