• Responsible for planning and implementing programs and training courses to Fire Officer efficiently and effectively.
  • Producing skilled Fire Officer and Fire Operations related knowledge.
  • Review and prepare Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) and regulations relating to the Department of Fire and Rescue Operations.
  • Assist the Department to apply the values of discipline to Fire Officer during performance of their duties and responsibility as well as an efficient and disciplined.
  • Develop and coordinate all courses related to Fire Fighting School.
  • Ensure the implementation of a course related to Fire Fighting Operations can be carried out efficiently and effectively.
  • Develop, plan and review the module and the notes related learning courses conducted.
  • Review and ensure that appropriate equipment and supplies used for courses under their Fire Fighting School.
  • Planning matters related to training expenses, training and infrastructure.
  • Prepare, ensure their, and review of all relevant courses related to Fire Fighting School.
  • Kredebiliti review and training officers to ensure implementation of the course can be run efficiently and effectively.
  • Ensure expenses for the purchase of equipment and related simulation for the Study of Fire Fighting course coincides with the set specifications.

Produce Fire Officer Professional, efficient, knowledgeable, disciplined and always work towards creating a fire and rescue organizations 'world class' as the core excellence of the Department. Deletion Studies Department are constantly developing excellence by equipping officers with attitude (attitude), skills (skills) and knowledge (knowledge) that excel in providing programs fighting through constant training and planned with the goal of producing the integrity and competence of personnel the responsibility of performing the duties appropriate to the rank and position through effective use of resources and technology.

Study of Fire Fighting, Fire and Rescue Academy Malaysia Endowments Lounge, formerly known as Operation School is one study that was created to strengthen the implementation of the courses to achieve the objectives of the Academy, particularly in the field of Fire Fighting. To realize the objectives of the Department, School of Fire Fighting in charge of preparing and presenting the information of Fire and Rescue Services. This would satisfy the intent of the Department in carrying out its duties and responsibilities assigned by competent and professional in accordance with the mission and vision of the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department.