• Implement training to the staff of the Department, the civil service, government agencies and private and public in the field of fire safety (User Services Chapter 8, Section 2 (a), (b) and (c).
  • Plan and implement training fire to the building fire safety officer (Industrial and Commercial) of the Fire Services Act 1988: Section 62 (1) (c).
  • Plan and implement in-service training fire officers, Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent of Fire Fire on fire safety field, based on the 1986 Training Services Policy and the New Pension System in 1992 and the Memorandum of PSD 63/138 KH.1 (15) in 1004.
  • Ensure that the learning-related study, examine and provide recommendations to review and confirm the fire and the plans submitted to the Fire and Rescue Department as the Law of the Uniform Building 1984 UBBL 245 (2).

Produce Fire Officer Professional, efficient, knowledgeable, disciplined and always work towards creating a fire and rescue organizations 'world class' as the core excellence of the Department. Fire Safety Education Department are constantly developing excellence by equipping officers with attitudeskills and knowledge that excel in providing fire safety through programs of continuous training and planned with the goal of having personnel with integrity and competent performance of the responsibilities appropriate to rank and position through effective use of resources and technology.

The existence of the Fire Safety Education, Fire and Rescue Academy Malaysia, Endowments Lounge, is important in determining the direction and effectiveness of the training and development of knowledge of prevention and fire safety to firefighters who are serving, trainees and Basic Diploma in Fire Science, government institutions , private institutions, voluntary bodies and the general public. In addition to Fire Safety Studies also play a role in educating building occupants and the public in fire safety and create a "Fire Safety Culture 'through courses, seminars and workshops.