Photography Techniques


PHOTOGRAPHY TECHNIQUES course module is designed as a guide in conducting courses for fire officers in carrying out enforcement and prevention as well as general operational duties , especially in the technical aspects of taking photographs . Content in this course module is to meet the needs and objectives of effective procedures to take pictures .

Department took a major step and a serious perspective on this because of the quality and ethics of the right camera is noteworthy and stressed especially in terms of enforcement and fire investigation . Photography Techniques learning process should be organized and arranged according to proper procedures and in line with efforts to create innovative creativity and over the quality of service in achieving the vision and mission of Towards A fire and rescue organization is World Class .


A number of objectives designed to achieve the required targets in providing knowledge and technical skills in the use of cameras to take pictures of the correct procedure and effective .



This course will be conducted using a number of methods involving theoretical , practical, using techniques lectures , discussions, group work movement , question and answer , worksheets and case studies.
Methods course held two forms, namely

Implementation of the course is 2 days and all participants must follow the course until the end. This course is considered important because it is fundamental in carrying out enforcement duties .