Handling Road Accidents Course



  • The course is organized to provide awareness, knowledge and information to members about the possibility of danger in handling emergency incidents involving road accidents as well as initial actions to be performed safely to protect yourself, others, property and the environment.



  • Describe and explain the importance of road accidents to the participants during the course of carrying out related tasks, so that the knowledge gained can be applied with maximum results. 
  • Officer courses and participants - participants are required to follow the procedure prescribed procedures. The aim is to achieve the course is held. 


  • To ensure that the training and action taken before, during and after the accident implemented correctly and safely according to established procedures. 
  • Produce kompiten fire officials, professional and quality service in the field of fire and fire safety. 
  • To enhance knowledge and skills in the field of fire firemen and fire safety. 
  • Instill awareness and understanding of the private sector or the public in connection with the prevention and fire safety premise-premise. 
  • Improving the quality of services of the department to excellence through training, seminars and workshops. 
  • To effectively provide fire officers in the department through training in the field of fire, fire safety and rescue. 

Duration of Course

  • This course runs for one week in FRAM, Wakaf Tapai.