Hazmat Team Building Course


Strengthening Hazmat Training modules are designed as a guide in conducting courses for Fire Officer Grade KB 17 - Fire Officer Grade KB 29 who are in Hazmat Teams and emergency incident handling duties involving hazardous materials (Hazardous Materials). Contents in course modules is meeting the needs and objectives of addressing emergency incidents more effectively.

The Department takes a serious view of this matter, recognizing the importance of rescue personnel to be prepared with the information and knowledge required in the initial actions that should be done when dealing with incidents involving hazardous materials. It must be organized and arranged according to the proper procedures in order to achieve the vision and mission of Towards A fire and rescue organization is World Class.

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  • Provide guidelines in conducting hazmat Strengthening KB Grade 17 - Grade KB 29.
  • References in providing the participants with the information needed in performing initial actions when confronted with incidents involving hazardous materials (Hazardous Materials).



Several objectives have been designed to achieve the required targets in providing knowledge and understanding of the need to attend courses Strengthening Hazmat KB 17 - KB 29: -

  • Understand the responsibilities as a member of Team Hazmat which requires them to act safely as required when aware of the existence of hazardous substances in an emergency incident attended.
  • Provide the necessary training in the work of dealing with hazardous materials.



The implementation of the course is 5 days and all participants must follow the course until the end.