Scuba Diving Course



  • In the Fire Department, SCUBA unit is the unit that is the pride of the department , therefore , the course was specially organized for the members of the SCUBA unit in order to improve the knowledge and skills department and operating efficiency in the water .
  • Many risks and accidents involve victims drowned in rivers, lakes and picnic spots such as waterfalls and beaches. Thus, scuba skills courses that include Open Water Diver , Scuba Diver Adcance and Rescue Diver should be applied to members who perform water rescue.



  • As a reference point for officials or members that require knowledge, skills and expertise in the field.
  • Produce officers and men that can handle cases involving water rescue scuba diving with in accordance with the procedures set in order to achieve business objectives and the mission and vision of the department.
  • Provides a useful output to the officers and men to perform either in training or rescue operations in water with scuba diving.



To ensure that the training and action taken before , during and after the activity carried water rescues correctly and safely according to established procedures in order to ;

  • Produce officers and members with knowledge and skills in the field of water rescues .
  • Emphasizes safety aspects divers during operations a priority.
  • Knowing the fitness and health of divers before and after the operation to comply with and conform to the rules as a member of the divers .
  • Ensure all diving equipment supplied is in good condition , complete and works all the time .


Duration of Course

  • Course skills are necessary to improve the skills of diving and held for 1 week .