Structure Collapse Rescue Course



  • The ruins of the structure can be caused by an earthquake, damage to building materials, the impact of war or violations by vehicle or airplane. Whatever the cause, the role of the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia, is a search and rescue victims trapped in the rubble. 
  • Search and rescue in collapsed buildings is a dangerous and risky job, no matter whether you care or not. It is too dangerous if you do not have the training or skills in coping with this situation. However, with the availability of a system approach, a good pre-plan, with well-trained personnel is an opportunity in carrying out search and rescue victims trapped in the rubble and opportunities they might safely sunny. This is also very important for rescuers to better understand avalanche conditions and how to create a safer work space as well as easy to find and rescue victims trapped in collapsed buildings or structures. This is because too many of the ruins of the ruins such as pancakes, lean to and ruins the whole. Ruins like this are always happening in the world. 



  • The course is organized to provide awareness, knowledge and information to members who are not in on the possibility of a Hazmat unit hazard hazardous materials (Hazardous Materials) in handling emergency incidents and initial actions to be performed safely to protect self, others, property and the environment.



It is hoped that after this course participants will: -

  • Understand and learn and gain the knowledge necessary in the performance of search and rescue operations in structure collapse incidents. 
  • Gaining skills in carrying out search and rescue response associated with the collapse of the structure to effectively and efficiently and in accordance with international standards. 
  • To increase confidence and self-discipline and practice of how things work in a safe and efficiently in accordance with established procedures. 


Duration of Course

  • This course is suitable for implementation in the next two weeks in FRAM, Wakaf Tapai.