Before the course

  • Apply a list of candidates of Participants

Newsletter Issue to State / Central 're nominating participants. Confirm receipt of the nomination the name of participants in the letter distributed and recorded.

  • Receives Candidate List of Participants

Receive a list of potential participants from negeri-negeri/balai in the prescribed time from the date of receipt of the confirmation letter that was circulated .

  • Selection of Participants and Setting

Select and set the name of the candidate in the prescribed time from the date of receipt of the list of candidates.

  • Call Letters Course

Call Letters distributed negeri-negeri/zon/balai course in the prescribed time before the course starts.


After the course

  • Course Report

Submit the report within the prescribed course after course completion date to the Student Affairs along with related information.

  • Application for Issuance of Certificate

Submit the application and issuance of certificates within the prescribed period after the date of completion of the course the unit Affairs along with related information.

Record the issuance of certificates to all participants as follows:

2006 8,211 Pieces
2007 8,219 Pieces
  • Records

Record the information in the course Course Record Book.


Main Duties

The duties of the Trainee Affairs Unit as follows :

  • Apply nomination of participants from the states .
  • Choose and set the course participants.
  • Distribute a letter from the course to the states .
  • To apply the provision requirements for the implementation of the course.
  • Recorded information on courses in the Course Record Book .
  • Accepting applications for issuance of certificate from the Course Coordinator .
  • Send the certificate request to the ICT Unit .
  • Receive a certificate of completion printed and signed for distribution .
  • Distribute certificates and Slip Acceptance Certificate to the states .
  • Recorded in the Book of acceptance and delivery of certificates.
  • Overseeing Lecture rooms .
  • Store information officer in the PREMIS data