The courses organized by the School

  • Fire Services Act 1988 ( Act 341 )
  • Compounding Procedure
  • Fire Certificate
  • Premises Inspection Procedure
  • Fire Hazard Elimination
  • Basic Fire Investigation
  • Secondary Fire Investigation
  • Preparation of Investigation Paper
  • Prosecution

Public and Private Courses

Course: Forensic Science Course ( Fire Investigation )
Cost: Organized by the Universiti Sains Malaysia and Investigation Division Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia
Admission requirements : Students Year 3 Forensic Science Universiti Sains Malaysia ( Kubang Kerian ) Kelantan

Course Content

  • Failure analysis and analytical tools
  • Incendiary Fires
  • Fire Safety Measures
  • Basic Fire Investigation Methodology
  • Fire investigation in Malaysia
  • Demonstration and practical fire investigation
  • A visit to the laboratory of fire investigation
  • Practical fire investigation including collecting of physical evidence
  • Instrumental analysis of physical evidence in laboratory
  • Presentation of results of the investigation .

The main goal of the program is PPUN increase the understanding and ability in carrying out the duties of the fire in terms of management and enforcement of Act 341. To achieve thisa number of activities such as courses,workshops, seminars and advisory services provided to all officers in the department. Additions to the current activityis also implemented as practical exercises and review improvement course modules.