3 Main function :

Before the course

  • Apply a list of candidates of Participants

Newsletter Issue to State / Central 're nominating participants. Confirm receipt of the nomination the name of participants in the letter distributed and recorded.

  • Receives Candidate List of Participants

Receive a list of potential participants from states/hall in the prescribed time from the date of receipt of the confirmation letter that was circulated .

  • Selection of Participants and Setting

Select and set the name of the candidate in the prescribed time from the date of receipt of the list of candidates.

  • Call Letters Course

Call Letters distributed states/zone/hall course in the prescribed time before the course starts.

After the course

  • Course Report
  • Submit the report within the prescribed course after course completion date to the Student Affairs along with related information.
  • Application for Issuance of Certificate
  • Submit the application and issuance of certificates within the prescribed period after the date of completion of the course the unit Affairs along with related information.
  • Records
  • Record the information in the course Course Record Book.

Main Duties

The duties of the Trainee Affairs Unit as follows :

  • Apply nomination of participants from the states .
  • Choose and set the course participants.
  • Issued a letter of course calls to the states .
  • To apply the provision requirements for the implementation of the course.
  • Recorded information on courses in the Course Record Book .
  • Receive a certificate of withdrawal from the Course Coordinator .
  • Send the certificate request to the ICT Unit .
  • Receive a certificate of completion printed and signed for distribution .
  • Distribute the certificates and Certificate Acceptance Slip into stations .
  • Recorded in the Book of acceptance and delivery of certificates.
  • Overseeing the lecture rooms .
  • Store information officer in the PREMIS data