Study Fire Investigation that was once known as the Study of Law - Law on Fire and Rescue Academy Malaysia, Endowments Lounge is one of the branches of study - study at the Academy. Due to the changes in the organizational structure of the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department, where there are some changes in the - at the headquarters of the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia, Putrajaya, the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Academy did not escape the changes. The survey which was once a small unit under the Enforcement Division Headquarters Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia Putrajaya has developed into one of the restructuring Jabatan.Ia is an increasingly important part in supporting the "core business'' JBPM today. Although the same name but different function and role is in terms of duties and responsibilities.

Putrajaya Headquarters Investigation Division to serve as the development of several regulations relating to the field of fire investigation or Forensic Fire and provide expertise and teaching in the field. The Malaysian Fire and Rescue Academy Endowments Lounge, Study Fire Investigation accountable to provide several learning modules to client departments, the pupils - a new member of the Fire and Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia.