The RokSprocket Module needs the RokSprocket Component enabled.


  • Responsible for planning and implementing programs and training courses to Fire Officer efficiently and effectively.
  • To produce skilled and knowledgeable officials in connection Fire Operations.
  • Review and prepare Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) and regulations relating to the Department of Fire and Rescue Operations.
  • Assist the Department to apply the values of discipline to Fire Officer during performance of their duties and responsibility as well as an efficient and disciplined.
  • Develop and coordinate all related courses Rescue School.
  • Ensure the implementation of relevant courses with Operation Rescue could be done efficiently and effectively.
  • Develop, plan and review the module and the notes related learning courses conducted.
  • Review and ensure that appropriate equipment and supplies used for courses in the School of rescue operations.
  • Designing hands off expenses related to courses, training and infrastructure.
  • Prepare, ensure their, and review of all relevant courses related to Rescue Education.
  • Kredebiliti review and training officers to ensure implementation of the course can be run efficiently and effectively.
  • Ensure expenses for the purchase of equipment and related simulation course for the Study of Salvation coincide with the set specifications.